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360 - Console Wars 360 - Console Wars

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Bloody hilarious!

As a fan of 300 and the 360 I found this really really funny! It was well animated for what it was and although it was graphically simple you did it with such flair and style that it turned out amazing looking and was a good parody of the 300 trailer! Your ideas were fantastic.
Well done! Really funny! Going in my favourites!

Steve Irwin: A Tribute Steve Irwin: A Tribute

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A good tribute...

This is a good tribute to the great man. I was extremely saddened by his sudden death.

There is not much to say about the flash apart from there were decent photos of him and the music fit the mood well. We really should celebrate his life, brilliant personality and the love of animals he had that few people have nowadays. He was entertaining and educational to many. My thoughts are with his family.

It was expected that one day he could be killed by an animal, but people thought it would be a crocodile or a snake, but it was very surprising it was a stingray which has only killed like 3 people.
It was quite shocking to hear this when I woke up today. :(

Rest in Peace, Steve. You will be sorely missed and world is duller without you.

Frenzy responds:

Yeah, agreed.

Thanks for the good review.

Micah Teaser Micah Teaser

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Glad you finally submitted this!

Good job on finally submitting this.
I hope this means you're close to finishing the story we wrote for Episode 1!

If you don't mind I will fill people in a little bit on this.
This story is different from your average "Heaven vs Hell" story and we plan to have a decent strong storyline throughout the series. I'm sure those of you with a bit of intelligence and patience will enjoy our serious (with the usual humourous moments) story about an angel sent to Earth to prove himself...

And those who think this is traced, it's not. Kyle has TALENT, this is all his own original work and his own style (I've seen the concept drawings). As for the story we came up with it over MSN and we have Episode 1 written and the main plot events planned.

OK, now to review the work of the teaser...
I've told you mostly what I thought on MSN anyway. :P

Graphically great and your style is brilliant. I know you'll ignore any of those racists who hate the anime style and want you to change it.

Music was good for what was shown and fit the mood.

I like your style, hope you keep it up throughtout the series, the animation seems to have got better from that scene you shown me earlier. ;)

I hope our ideas and story for the series convert well in your drawings. Good luck with it, mate!

Good work!

goku goes ssj for android goku goes ssj for android

Rated 3 / 5 stars

As before, good but could improve.

As I said in the other review there is room for improvement.

Well once again, the graphics and animation were decent, the sound was synched perfectly with the animation and in this one the lines of the drawings seemed to be a bit cleaner and smoother than your other animation, it's done quite well. All in all the same problem as before is that this is too short, which lowers my overall score.
Hopefully you'll consider finishing this, I wouldn't mind seeing it finished. Saying that, I should also try and finish my own animation, it's taking me too long... :P

Again, good job, I hope to see more. If you want any tips or help just PM me again asking.
Well done!

coycoy responds:

iv'e been waiting for you to come review! this is one of the few reviews that are actually helpful! i'm trying to finish these 2 animations as soon as possible.the veggeto flash i made was made when i still knew little about flash, so it is a little rough around the edges...this goku one is the best flash iv'e done yet.i just need to finish it.thanks for your fair review! by the way.....i know you get asked this alot, but when is your vegeta goes ssj for the first time flash come out? i seen a preview of it a while back on some website(cant remember the name)it was cool.cant wait for it to come out!

"call me Super Vegito!" "call me Super Vegito!"

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad, but could be better...

Well, thanks for letting me know about your flashes and asking for a review, I'll do my best to give a fair and truthful review.

Graphically the flash was good. Decent drawings and animation and synched with the sound perfectly fine. The drawings were a bit rough around the edges though, lines could be cleaned up a bit, I'm guessing you used the pencil tool to draw them? If you did, then it's very well done since you drew with a mouse. I would suggest using the line tool and bending it, this is the way I would draw, gives you clean lines easier when drawing with a mouse.

Sound was of a decent quality being from the show, this is what put the filesize up, luckily it loaded for me straight away so it didn't slip out. As I've said very well synched, no problems there. I think for people with slow connections it might be a problem but I understand why you didn't include a preloader and that you'll include one in the finished version.

This was a decent remake, the only problem of course, is that it is short. But you alredy knew that. That's what lowered my overall score a bit as there is room for improvement. I look forward to see if you finish this, good job. Don't give up or let the bad reviewers put you down.
Keep it up!

coycoy responds:

im very mad! i had to erase this flash off my computer because it somehow became corrupted!so in other words,i have to start ALL over again.....but i guess it's a good thing it got erased. i know alot more about flash now and i could do alot better on it now! :) so i plan on re-making!LOL! Dont be expecting it any time soon will take me a while to make this all over again. i hope to improve alot!....after i finish these, i may make my own re-make of goku going ssj on namek. you never know!if i do i hope to see you for a review!


Goku vs Vegeta TLD Goku vs Vegeta TLD

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Awesome is not a word I use much here, but that was, in a word, awesome! Easily and by far the BEST DBZ sprite animation on Newgrounds, in fact, probably the BEST sprite animation on Newgrounds!

Graphics were fantastic, the 30fps made it super fast, smooth and with some amazing special effects and some seizure enducing scenes with the speed used. Brilliantly animated and special effects.
Decent voice acting and music used, everything worked well and was synched perfectly. Although the work "Ki" was pronounced wrong, it's pronounced "key" not "kai", but that's just a small niggle, nothing major. :P
It was ultra-violent and also funny with the comments you put in, excellent stuff. It didn't matter that Vegito split straight after beating Buu, it was a brilliant flash.

All in all, a brilliant, well-made flash which obviously had a lot of effort put into it.
Well done!

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DuDuL responds:

Dude thx for such a long review... XD
I know that Vegetto cant unfuse when he want... but hey... its just a FAN FLASH MOVIE XD i can do everything

DBZ: Heaven vs Hell "Pro" DBZ: Heaven vs Hell "Pro"

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

I was pleasantly surprised when I watched this, not a bad trailer.
From what I gather you have all those warriors put into one for your story. It's looking like you could have a good original series here if you can pull it off. I wish you luck with this.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

VERY GOOD! Deserves at LEAST a 3.80!

A VERY GOOD sprite animation! There haven't been many and yours is definately one of the best!

Graphics, although sprites and the fact that Goku was SSJ4 in this (I hate DBGT), they were animated superbly, lovely special effects and super fast fight sequences make this visually appealing!

The graphical style was sprites, but you managed to make the shots very good, even some psuedo-3d shots for camera movements ad well as cut-aways and focusing. Nice menu screen and stylish border.

Sound was decent. Sound effects, a little bit of music, synched well were clear and not a pain on the ears.

You captured the violence of the show perfectly in this, as well as the speed and moves. I'm impressed!

The humour was good, but a bit tasteless at times, there was 1 joke in particular that was really just uncalled for, but as for the rest, it was quite funny and gave me a few chuckles.

Overall, a great DBZ sprite movie and definately one of the best on Newgrounds. I urge others to look past the poor spelling (the creator is from The Netherlands) and the fact it's sprite based and rate it for the decent flash it is! You'll probably like it! I nominate this for inclusion on the DBZ crew!
Again, well done and I can see you will be a very good animator in future considering your age! Keep it up!

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rebaz responds:


YEAH, i hate Dbgt to, it freaking irritated me
OMFG, dude i'm glad you noticed that 3D effect or whatever you wanna call it... i worked 2 HOURS (non-stop) on that part...and ohwyeah my english is REAL messed up,

i'f readed some reply's you did on you're own movie..and woow man, you're smart :P ....

in one word : PWNZORZ

you rock ..


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Quite funny.

Aaaaah, Cillit Bang!
Almost as funny as the real adverts! lol

"Limescale, Rust, Ground-in dirt. They're a challenge for some cleaners but not CILLIT BANG!"
"Look what it did to this old penny, Good as new!"

Good stuff. Well done, quite funny and a good style. I liked it, I don't get why this is under a score of 3, just cause the Americans don't get it...

cribble responds:

i think we should all love it... even if you're German. Cheers.

Summer Idiots... Summer Idiots...

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I must admit...

This was actually very good for someone of your age.
At first I was expecting some shitty animation due to your age but after watching it all I must say it's better than I expected as it was quite funny. So, you definately have the potential to be a good flash artist in future.

The thing that annoyed me most was the voices which I assume were all done by you?
The graphics could've been better also, but I'm sure you'll get better over time.

Nice little extra after the credits though.
Good work, I expect great things from you in the future.

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