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Entry #4

My Crackdown music video!

2008-09-17 22:28:59 by Barry-the-SuperScot

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It's been up on Youtube for a little while now but here is a video I made using Crackdown for the Xbox 360 with the song "Asshole" by Denis Leary. Please leave comments (on youtube or here, preferably both :P) if you liked it.


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2010-03-09 10:16:45

nobody plays crackdown anymore
your gay and your little flash newgrounds chucked into the dark chasms of the lonely dbz section is equally gay.

by the way your "its a tribute" speech doesnt work look up tribute in a dictionary if you know what that is

trib·ute%u2002 %u2002[trib-yoot]
a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.
a stated sum or other valuable consideration paid by one sovereign or state to another in acknowledgment of subjugation or as the price of peace, security, protection, or the like.
a rent, tax, or the like, as that paid by a subject to a sovereign.
any exacted or enforced payment or contribution.
obligation or liability to make such payment.

seeing as your flash is none of those it falls directly into the realm of plagerism

pla·gia·rism%u2002 %u2002[pley-juh-riz-uhm, -jee-uh-riz-]
the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.
something used and represented in this manner.

tell us barry did you get akira toryamas written legal consent to make your "tribute?"

and what happend to your little "vegeta tribute flash" you kept swearing was coming "soon?" youve been on this sight for 7 years now barry and you got one flash one shitty shitty flash. theres been flash artists whove been here half the time you have and have put out more animations of better quality of there own creation and have shown ability to take poor responces and use them as a learning tool. you however cant seem to get past the fact that you just suck your ripped of plagerised flash sucks and you just fail at life in general.

by the way im aware i dont have any flashes submited im not a flash artist ive never claimed to be one i am however a member thats been coming to this site for a long time and have seen the best and worse newgrounds has to offer and i absolutly love to hit ignorent people like you in the face with the reality of matters.

matters like how your a massive tool who couldnt create his own flash to save his pathetic ass.

one last thing before i go i absolutly love the fact that you can no longer hide behind your comment blog seeing as users couldnt respond to artists responces i love how i can now IM you constasntly to remind you of how much you fail at life.